Laser techniques

Our laboratory is equiped with several lasers in order to perform velocity measurements and visualizations through Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) techniques. The former can be implemented using the TSI^\copyright LDV 2-component system in combination with one of these three options:  a 6W Argon/Krypton laser (Stabilite2017, Spectra-Physics^\copyright), a 5W Argon/Krypton Ion laser (Innova 70-C, Coherent^\copyright) and a 300mW Air-Cooled Argon Ion Laser (Serie 543, Melles Griot^\copyright). Our capability to carry out LDV measurements away from the Group’s laboratories is provided by a mini LDV (model G5-240, MSE^\copyright). On the other hand, PIV is put into practice by using a TSI^\copyright system and 200mJ Litron laser. To capture the images, either a 4Mpx camera or a high speed camera can be used. Additionally, we count with a 6W Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser (Verdi V-6, Coherent^\copyright), that provides single-frequency green (532nm) output and it is used to generate visualization planes.

Both aforementioned velocimetry techniques require auxiliary equipments, i.e. to seed the flow (Oil Droplep Generator) and to place the probes and shift it to create a data plane (traverse controller).

Figure 1. LDV system coupled with the Air-Cooled 300mW Ion Laser


Figure 2. Argon/Krypton Lasers: 6W Stabilite2017 (left) and 5W Innova-70C (right)


Figure 3. Laser Verdi (left) and traverse controller (right)

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