Thermal anemometry

Hot wire anemometry

P1010184Figure 1. IFA-300 equipment

Besides the laser systems, to carry out velocity measurements we have a TSI^\copyright IFA-300 (figure1) constant temperature anemometer system. The anemometer allows us to monitor two velocity signals, since it has two channels, and the flow temperature through the thermocouple module.

To perform the measurements, a single probe, placed within the flow to characterize a location of interest, is connected to the anemometer, whose software captures and records data that can be processed using signal analysis techniques (e.g. Fourier transform). The output signal (velocity or voltage) can be observed continuously through an oscilloscope.

TSI Air velocity calibrator


Figure 2. TSI Air velocity calibrator


To obtain accurately the flow velocity from the anemometer, we use a TSI Air Velocity Calibrator (figure 2) that provides the IFA equipment with a precise inner correlation.

Portable thermal Anemometer


Figure 3. Airflow TA43-TSI


We have an Airflow TA43-TSI thermal anemometer (figure 3) capable of providing an accurate air velocity measurements with industrial purposes away from the laboratory. In addition, it simultaneously measures the air temperature and calculates volumetric flow and actual/standard velocity.

On the other hand, we have 10 PCE thermal anemometers (figure 4) with real-time dump data to computer via USB cable. The connection of the equipment is posibble with computer USB extension cables which are available in 5m long with signal amplification, thus allowing the necessary length between the device and computer.

Besides researching purposes, some natural applications of this device are environment certifications, ergonomic studies or plant maintenance, among others.



Figure 4. Anemometers PCE

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