• Title: Study of bubble formation in planar configuration
  • Reference: UJA2011/12/50
  • Funded by: University of Jaén
  • Duration: 19/03/2012-18/03/2014
  • Principal Investigator: Cándido Gutiérrez-Montes
  • Number of researchers: 7
  • Budget: 8,032 €
  • Summary: The present project proposal aims at deepening the knowledge on the physical mechanisms of bubble formation in order to improve the efficiency of the injection systems used in industry. In particular, we will analyze the dynamics of bubble formation in an innovative planar configuration by means of experiments, numerical simulations and linear stability analysis. The configuration consists of a plane air sheet  surrounded by a coflowing  water film, both discharging in stagnant air. Firstly, we pretend to characterize and explain in detail the transition between the two regimes found experimentally: a bubbling regime, which leads to a periodic breakup of the air sheet; and a jetting regime, in which both sheets evolve without brealing. Once the transition is completely understood, we pretend to study the bubbling regime experimentally, by using high-speed cameras and pressure sensors, to determine the frequency and the size of the bubbles, as well as the air pressure fluctuations. On the other hand, the bubbling regime will also be studied by numerical simulations that will allow us to determine, besides the parameters previously mentioned, the temporal evolution of the air-water interface, which is not possible to be determined experimentally and is a key to develop simplified models to obtain the characteristic frequency and the size of the bubbles generated as a function of the control parameters of this problem.


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