Technology transfer projects

Current projects

  • Numerical – Experimental study of headlamps and rearlamps (Valeo Lighting Systems)

Previous projects

  • Characterizarion of ventilation systems, LEDS and thermoplastic heat sinks to optimize the thermal numerical simulations of headlamps (Valeo Lighting Systems).
  • Study of the use of the air flow in tunnels and other transportation infrastructures (Eiffage Infraestructuras)
  • Characterization and optimization of a non-Newtonian fluid and the production system of the company PLÁSTICOS HIDROSOLUBLES S.L.
  • Technical advice for the adaptation of the climate gallery (Cold Tunnel) in the metal-mechanic Industrial Technology Centre CETEMET in order to achieve the ATP  (International agreement for the transport of perishable goods) accreditation  as a testing station.
  • Numerical and experimental characterization of vehicle air diffusers.

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