Innovation in education has currently become a need in the sense that assuming the advances of technology into the educational curricula is crucial to remain competitive or to improve the motivation of the students. In this context, the so-called e-learning arises as a powerful tool to meet innovation in the learning process, and seems to be an attractive and motivating method for the students. In particular, m-learning (mobile-learning) constitutes a new e-learning approach with a huge potential due to the fact that mobile smartphones have become one of the most used devices in daily life. Within m-learning context, quick response (QR) codes constitute one of the learning environments that can be applied to many educational purposes as a learning-support tool. Therefore, we propose in this work the use of the QR-codes as an interactive way for the students to know about sophisticated experimental techniques used in Fluid Mechanics, such as Laser Doppler Velocimetry or Hot Wire Anemometry. Below, students can find links to technical brochures that aim at describing the basic principles and applications of the aforementioned experimental techniques.

Hot Wire anemometry data sheet

Laser Doppler velocimetry data sheet

Particle Image velocimetry data sheet

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